Month: September 2015

A video posted by @speedspectator on Sep 30, 2015 at 2:40pm PDT


Has a lap timer, G force meter and more.


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Another Pep Boys Issue

From 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. I work promoting and doing marketing for cars in the auto industry. I do miss being a test driver and getting to work on my own car when I need to, just get the car on the lift and start working after you get the parts. Tools and help are right next to you.

Being so busy full time working, along with blogging, and getting my degree. I get my wife’s car and my car maintenance done at Pep Boys, I had written a blog earlier about the tire issue. Two days ago, I saw my oil light flickering on my dash board. Back in May I paid for an oil change and I barely use this car.(I drive 10 miles a day round trip back and forth, 5 days a week to work).

Two nights ago, when I found that light flickering, I looked under the car and it was drenched with oil. My personal mechanic (which I stopped going to because he is just too far) told me that the filter he replaced it with back in December was still there and that I haven’t changed my oil. I can’t even go on with everything else, but I know how to change oil obviously. It’s just time consuming for me since I’m extremely busy.

The lesson here? I will never go back to Pep Boys, they just half ass the work and they just create more problems. The good thing though is that nothing serious happened to my motor and that the car is running fine.