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Fiat Chrysler accused of emission cheating by EPA.

By: Jeff Domingues

White House To Require Higher Fuel Efficiency Standards For Cars, By 2016

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It’s almost 20° above January averages for New Jersey right now. When we should be seeing temperatures around 31°, temperatures have been around 48°, to even what it was a week or so  ago 68°. Is this global warming or just unusual weather that we can forget about and expect our usual 30° weather and 2′ of snow coming just like every year? Many scientist would say that this weather and weather across the globe are infect in direct correlation with increased pollutants affecting our weather. The Obama campaign made it clear they want to change our environmental impact  and drastically change emission standards. With Trump in office, who stated many times that he wants to reduce EPA regulations, why is the EPA attacking Fiat Chrysler Automobiles?

Well that’s because it was the last efforts of the Obama campaign to make sure that every company is held accountable for their negligence and down right criminal acts, when FCA and Cummings was accused of negligence and conspiring to pass along diesel engines that fail EPA standards. Recently the EPA have found that Fiat Chrysler have put in place software that would allow over 100,000 Fiat Chrysler diesel models to emit emissions over the legal limit. The diesel models in question are 2014-2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee and Ram 1500 pickup trucks.  This unfortunately is to similar to VW’s attempts at passing along dirty cars to the public to make a profit, VW which just recently pleaded guilty to in fact putting software that would allow their cars to pass diesel emission standards while pumping a huge amount of toxins into our air.

All modern diesel engines have software that would allow the engines to run clean but allow, under certain driving situations, to essentially run dirty to prevent over heating. This is where the problem starts, FCA is being accused of not disclosing this software to the EPA, and the FCA software allowed the engines to run dirty in more situations than it actually needs. Therefore polluting uncontrollably and causing the EPA to stand on its ends angry and waving a red flag. EPA accusing FCA of using “defeat devices” comes as a huge blow to an automotive company that is still rebounding from almost going bankrupt while needing the government to help it stand up straight.

Sergio Marchionne, is the chief executive of FCA, is fighting this like a pissed off kid being accused of cheating on a test. He is denying everything and stating that doing something like this is stupid. “There’s not a guy who would try something as stupid” as consciously installing something that would cheat and cause problems and accusations of being a criminal. I hope he is being honest about that comment and is holding true to his words.  He would continue to say “We don’t belong to a class of criminals” and “we have done, in our view, nothing that is illegal.”

FCA feels that they have done nothing wrong, and what the EPA feels as lying and cheating is purely their interpretation. If FCA is found guilty they would face up to $44k for each car that is effected by this “defeat devise.”  Math time $44K x 100,000= $4,400,000,000!!!!! Can FCA afford to have not only the finical burden and probably even more crucial the negative publicity burden, is yet to be seen?

You can say, well look at VW and how they are doing? Amazingly VW seems to keep selling cars, total for 2016 are at 322,948, a 7.6% decrease over 2015.  That is not horrible considering they just pleaded guilty for their emission scandal and paid something like $20 billion in penalties and lawsuits. Then again people are willing to turn a blind eye to VW’s troubles and lies because of the quality of their cars. Will people be willing to do the same for Dodge and Jeep, I’m sure they will, but will FCA be able to deal with the financial burden?

I’m very partial to USA brands, even if it has an Italian flavor to it. I would like to believe that Jeep and Dodge are legit and want to do things the right way but someone doing wrong, is someone doing wrong.

With new major shot callers in Washington DC, that view global warming as nothing more then a lie and something that we should overlook to insure that profit succeeds concerns over environment issues, why should the EPA care about emission standards? EPA is now under the control of Trump appointed Scott Pruitt, who made it a point to file lawsuits against the EPA a number of times to reduce EPA restrictions so that companies can increase production and profit at the expense of our environment. Maybe this new leadership will in fact benefit FCA during what will surely be troubling times. How and when FCA and other companies will be able to benefit from new policies is still up in the air but I don’t see global warming issues being taken care of anytime soon.

HOPEFULLY it won’t be that bad and there will be enough pressure to insure that companies that are wrongfully polluting our environment are held accountable and dealt with accordingly. HOPEFULLY this administration leads us into the right direction and makes it a point to clean things up and put amazing technology that is currently available into use. HOPEFULLY THIS ADMINISTRATION will push us into new and even more spectacular future of clean energy, air, water, and land.

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