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Ford is bringing back the Ranger and the Bronco.

By: Jeff Domingues

Ford stated that they will be bringing back the Ford Ranger in 2019 and the Ford Bronco in 2020. Both models were very popular but because of shifts in the public interest, styles and concerns about fuel economy, both models were snubbed and left for dead. I personally really would like to see the Ford Bronco back on the roads because I used to own a 92′ Ford Bronco.

It was a love hate relationship with that truck, it looked good, was comfortable but was horrible on gas, drove like a drunk whale on anything other then straight roads, I could move that steering wheel a few degrees in any direction and that truck would track as straight as an arrow. Driving it on winding roads was interesting, (not in a good way) you had to turn the wheel almost 90 deg to make a lane shift. It was horrible but like I said it was a love hate relationship.

Rumors state that the Bronco will be based off the seven seat, 4 door,  Ford Everest currently available in Australia, New Zealand, and China. How they will translate this into something that will be worthy of the Bronco badge, not a clue, but they said they are bringing back the Bronco so they better give us the Bronco.

Current Ford Everest model
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Bronco concepts have been floating around the internet for awhile now but nothing has been made official by Ford yet. I think the concept renderings is the direction Ford should go with.

This is the concept that looks the most like a Bronco if Ford still made it today. Man that looks good!
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These 2 renderings are concepts if Ford built the Bronco based off the F-150 platform and the Ford Atlas concept.
Photo provided by: Michael Stone Clark and unknown source

I’m a big fan of mid-size pickup trucks seeing how I’ve bought 2 in the past 10yrs. I had a 2007 GMC Canyon (was running very well at 192,000 miles) and now a 2015 Toyota Tacoma TRD off road and I’ve always wanted Ford to give me an option when I was looking for my trucks but they never had anything available. So now they are bringing the Ford Ranger back, GREAT!!  Ford has been absent from the, mid-size pickup market and should represent better then they have. You can get great mid sized trucks from not only Toyota but you have the Chevy Colorado, GMC Canyon (Colorado and Canyon are based off the same platform but look completely different), old model but very capable Nissan Frontier, and the brand new Honda Ridgeline. With sales of the Tacoma, Canyon, and Colorado doing very well at this moment, Ford will have to present a truck that will compete with these great trucks. With the Toyota Tacoma dominating this market for years now, and with the Chevy and GMC making great trucks, Ford has their work cut out for them.

The new Ranger will be available to US market in 2019 and will be based off the Ford Ranger model sold in Australia and throughout Asia. It’s still not known if that model will be exactly what the US market will be getting but either way the Ranger is making a come back.

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One aspect that I’m very interested in is the fact that the Bronco and Ranger will be built here in America at the Michigan Assembly Plant in Wayne, Michigan. I remember driving down Highway US 1&9 here in NJ in the late 80s early 90s, with my parents, and seeing what used to be a huge Ford assembly plant located in Edison, NJ. Thinking as a kid does that it was “SOOOO COOOOL” that the Ford Rangers and Ford Mustangs, I saw on the road were made here in NJ.  Then years later that plant was shut down, in 2004 to be exact, and a few years after that there is a huge open empty void and a surrounding neighborhood that reflected the sudden impact of losing a major contributor to the local economy. Hearing that both models will be made in the good old USA made me DAM PROUD!! This better happen!

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