supper human

This is what you would have to look like to survive a major car crash. WOW

By: Jeff Domingues


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This handsome man is Graham, a human like sculpture created by Melbourne artist Patricia Piccinini, commissioned by the Transport Accident Commission of Victoria, Australia. With the help of trauma surgeons and researchers, Patricia was capable of sculpting this weird supper human. Not exactly the supper human we are used to seeing in Marvel or DC comics, he is what humans would evolve into if we can evolve because of our modern means of transportation. Graham has a flat face, large thick skull and no neck to protect his brain and spin. His skin is thick to protect from fatal wounds, special rib cage that acts like a cushion for his soft internal bits and pieces. Knees that can bend in any directs and long hoof like feet to help him move quicker. The idea is to make people think about how vulnerable we all are. “We would need to look like THAT” I’m sure can be heard in the gallery Graham is displayed in and whoever is reading this. The official Graham website is worth going to, there is a 360° interactive view of him that will give you an in depth view of what makes Graham, Graham. CRAZY

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